Bible-Way Missionary Baptist Church

 Hamilton, Ohio

Pastor Ron Pittman

Bro. Pittmaphoto 001n became pastor of Bible-Way in March of 2011 after the home going of our former pastor, Terry Zeller.  Bro. Zeller was the pastor of Bible-Way for more than thirty years.  Pastor Pittman was formerly a missionary to Mexico for ten years and worked at Bible-Way for three years in the Spanish ministry before being called as pastor.  Wendy, his wife, has worked by her husband’s side for 15 years in the ministry.



Terry Selke, Music Director

Bro. Selke took over the music department in 2014 and has done a tremendous job directing the choir as well as the congregational music.  Bible-Way uses traditional hymns and songs in our worship services.




Adam Rosenbalm, Missionary

 Adam and Kelly are being sent out of Bible-Way to the African country of Ghana.  Lord willing, they will be leaving for the field in the winter of 2015.  They have three children with one more on the way!  We thank God for the opportunity to serve with this dear family.




Alan Hawthorne, Missionary

 Alan and Christine Hawthorne have been representing our church in Asia for many years.  We appreciate their faithful and untiring service to the Lord.  Their three children are grown and faithfully serve here at Bible-Way.


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